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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> good morning the top
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stories we're following this toy tuesday morning more parents are letting their children to rest this morning as beat funerals continue in new town conn. we have new details about the shooting. >> a boat will be taking place in the house of representatives to try to keep the tax rates low. it will turn out to be meaningless, we will tell you why coming up. >> cold weather around the bay area this morning, similar to yesterday. no one knows that better than jackie sissel, he is in san rafael. >> it is well below zero. four degrees below zero this morning. the temperature has really not changed at all in
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the last two and a half hours out here. it has been hovering at 28 degrees. anyone that is just getting up in getting out to go to school or work will definitely have to get the ice scraper out. you'll probably find a lot of eyes are on this morning. definitely put on the extra layer of closed because it is cold out. >> there is a slight distortion and the sound, it makes it sound like you are shivering. >> i am shivering! >> is it so cold in the studio so we could feel jackies pain? >> in some spots it is
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actually colder than it was yesterday. we do not have a freeze warning or a frost advisory like we did yesterday at this time. sampras's coach is not too bad, 44 degrees in oakland. temperatures will climb in the mid to upper 50s. satellite and radar is tracking a storm. all the moisture will slide into the bay area. i was the timing of what to expect and when you will need that umbrella coming up and my next report. >> we are still monitoring of fairly moderate conditions in the bay area. we're not tracking any delays problems or hot spots. the bay bridge is starting to back up in the cash lanes. the only slow traffic is still to be found on interstate 580 in it for highway four. the rest of the bay area as looking at a
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pretty white right. washington d.c. >> john boehner and the house of representatives moving forward with these so-called planned be. it only deals with the tax cut that expire at the end of the year. it does not deal with the across-the-board spending cuts expecting to kick in after the first of the year. democrats say the plan will not pass the senate and the president has already said he would be avoided if it passed. the consensus is that we will go over the fiscal cliff. hopes are a deal would get done by this current congress which ends on january 3rd. there are still hopes that we will get a deal done by january 3rd.
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>> vice president joe biden will be meeting with law enforcement officers from around the country. he is leading a task force that will look at ways to reduce debt and violence. president obama is promising to send ideas to congress next month. he is already pushing for lawmakers to reinstate a ban on military-style assault weapons, close loopholes that will allow gun buyers to avoid background checks. he also was to restrict restrictions on high-capacity ammunition clips. >> read the marsh and joins us from new town on the long road to recovery ahead. >> the sandy hook teachers are really struggling trying to get to as many as possible. >> wednesday newtown said it
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farewell to sandy hook teacher the vicki soto. paul simon was a family friend and performed at the sound of silence at her funeral. wednesday night about 3000 people gathered at western connecticut state university for a tribute to newtown victims. the tragedy has sparked national debate over gun control with president obama pledging to take action. a newly formed group, at newtown united advocating what it calls sensible gun legislation. >> we have 20 children that have passed away and if we don't do this we have failed them. >> tomorrow will be a
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national day of morning. charges will bring their belts 26 the time for each victim at the exact time of the shootings. >> and bay area headlines police are investigating materials that were stored in a san mateo home. this is the 400 block of terret drive. authorities say the materials were not stable to move without potential of explosion and evacuate the block wall warning other residents. the san mateo county bomb squad was also called on to the scene. >> here is a quick look
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outside where conditions in the south bay are find traffic wise. it is cold, right down near the freezing mark. we will be back in a moment.
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>> there is a big drop on wall street with growing concerns that we will go off the fiscal cliff at the end
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of the year. better than expected news, the u.s. economy grew at 3.1% annualized rate of october through september. gm is buying back their stock from the government. motorola $2.3 million was gained. this is seven months after google bought motorola for 12 and a half billion dollars. it is due wills' biggest acquisition and the 14 year history. the intercontinental exchange it i
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>> big fails for toyota's camry. this is according to the institute of highway safety. the camry one of america's most popular cars and failed its crash test by the institute. the front wheel and the bending the passenger compartment foot well in word. the steering was pledged so far off the air bags did not deploy. the three as at be a hybrid wet and did not perform any better it also earned a poor rating. honda's accord sedan and suzuki his ice sheet received the institute's top rating of good. the motors is recalling nearly 119,000 pickup trucks in the u.s. because the heads can fly open. the
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recall affects the 2012 third want the entire 2010 through 2012 chevy colorado and gmc canny and midsized trucks. the national highway safety admission says administration says some of the trucks may not have a secondary hood latch. the mainland is a vast and that the hood could open unexpectedly and block the driver's vision. gm on the problem after getting to complaints. the recall is expected to begin next month. >> we have a live look for you as a glance at the golden gate bridge. it is called this morning, as freezing in some spots. erica has your forecast coming up.
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>> we have the cold but check out this door may have been the midwest. i like kansas and wisconsin are of didn't snow. that is hampering traffic in travel.
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people being encouraged to stay off the roadways and there is a lot of concern over the window as well. >> we are getting pictures in the oven and now of a possible tornado that hit in mobile alabama earlier this morning. the weather service is not confirm this tornado but we were here reports of people having to be rescued from the greek fleet and see in the pictures of cars like over. no word yet if anyone was injured. -- debris >> they're already major delays at showing up for the faa in chicago. will tran is live at as at all watching bay area airports. >> so far is not impacted as
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at all but it is still developing. a lot of people are taking off this morning. tomorrow would be the busiest travel day of the holiday season. it is not as busy as it was 30 minutes ago but they do expect it to happen slowly throughout the day. sir where are you going? >> i am headed to the d.c.. >> using that land. are you staying away from chicago? >> i'd say away from chicago. >> is that because of all the problems? >> yes >> right down there that is an urgent airlines, also quite busy. everything's
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says it is on time checking the boards but you should get here early because this is a security checkpoint lying. we tell people every year don't wrap your guess just in case they have to check. -- the gifts i will call chicago to see how the airports are doing. and the next segment i will try to get some word on how chicago is doing. >> we of cold to contend with and things will change would be sunshine tomorrow >> we have hazardous weather on the way. it is called out there. we have several
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places above the freezing mark. i would not be surprised if some of your pipes froze over. you will want to bring their pets and plants indoors because some locations are hovering in the mid to upper 20s. sampras's coach is not too bad, 44 degrees. 39 in san jose. this system has dropped down from the gulf of alaska. high clouds are streaming into our area and cloud cover will ramp up in the afternoon with the potential for some showers for santa rosa stretching down toward palo loma. overnight and during those for the north bay and tomorrow morning it could definitely be a messy commute. it looks like the
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rain will pick up intensity by 12:00 p.m. tomorrow. the rain looks like it will last not only into friday but saturday and sunday as well. afternoon highs in mid to upper 50s for everyone. 59 expected an oakland 57 and pleasanton. 7 day around the bay wet weather is not behind is just yet. saturday morning we are looking for 4 in. of rain for the north bay. we will continue to see heavy rain for the duration of saturday lasting into sunday. there's a chance for some showers on monday and tuesday christmas day will be dry with mostly sunny skies. 6:20 a.m. and that is your forecast here is traffic with george. >> there is a problem with community metro. a service
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destruction on the service street there is a structured fi fire. is between geneva san jose and west portal. these samples is go fire department is going to clear the tracks at plymouth. the san mateo bridge still has good conditions with 11 minutes commute time. the golden gate bridge is a small community here southbound paper drive times on the east shore freeway are two minutes added to the are delay to berkeley commute 16 minutes. san
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ramon valley on the interstate 680 and interstate 580 is not that bad. don't mess from the all smoke passed to the dublin interchange. the higher the value added to highway 85 to the monthly u.s. press weigh 15 to 17 minutes. the only slowing is just as julien the sea before the 880 interchange. 1 01 southbound of good and is still delay free to the golden gate bridge. >> we will take a quick break and let's go outside. well one san jose by 87 interchange traffic looks good. it is cold out there this morning. we will be right back.
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>> you definitely want want to lead in extra time. >> i want to refrain from touching these cars. you may have to scrape some of this off of your windshield let's talk test error cover more of what we are facing. >> hour overnight lows will not be in the 20's and 30's and fact that will be in the 40's. we are seeing however is wets weather pretty much everywhere. here is a look that your current
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temperatures. concord is at 29 degrees. temperatures are way below freezing. taking a look at your headlines which are want to have increasing cloud cover letter. making up tomorrow morning it will be hazardous conditions. especially saturday night. looking ahead the weather stays unstable for christmas day. we will have a full forecast coming up next. >> we are getting word of the problem near the macarthur the may spirimayes. wd check this out as soon as we have more information. in general the rest of these bay is not doing too bad. your quick commute check shows moderate conditions.
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we have picked up a little bit of slow traffic on 80 westmount. the north bay is still light in those regions. we are updated a problem with san francisco about a disruption with the services. there is a car that is propeblocking the track. >> following this story alive in maneuvering the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee senator john kerry new who will most likely be the next secretary of state says that mistakes were made at the state department and the deadly september 11th assault and libya, but congress shares some of the blame. senator john kerry spoke at the start of thursday's hearing. he says that an independent probe pulls no punches about the lack of security at the u.s. diplomatic mission in
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benghazi that led to the death of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans. kerry also faults lawmakers for failing to provide sufficient funds to the state department. for state department officials have already resigned under pressure after a damning report blamed higher ups for the lack at the mission. >> sheriff deputies in santa clara are searching for the gunmen who fired shots at a marine recruiters car on highway 85 in cupertino. police shut down highway 85 for hours after the car, driven by a marine, was stuck by gunfire. these are additional pictures from skyes 7 h d abc 7 news you can see lanes backed up and cupertino near de anza boulevard. although the car
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was shot multiple times, the recordrecruiter was not hurt. te marine continued south for about a mile before pulling over a call in 911. >> that sound may have been the shots that were fired at a marine on highway 85. if you concede from this shot that investigators get evidence for hours. the marine was in an unmarked government to be local. but we are told that he may have been followed from a gas station. no arrests have been made. >> santa clara police are searching for a third suspect in connection with the kidnapping and assault of a handyman. >> and not too far away
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sunnyvale police have called off the search for a burglary suspect either their search resulted in a school being locked down in cupertino. team of officers with dogs scored a neighborhood off of homestead road near cupertino village. for one of the three suspects in connection with some reason home burglaries. two other men were arrested after a brief chase. police say they've found jewelry and several wrapped gifts in their car. >> a new report from oakland city auditor reveals that the city has failed to reimburse people who mistakenly paid twice for their parking tickets. the san francisco chronicle reports that the windfall was discovered as part of a larger audit of oakland's parking ticket management for the 2010-2011 fiscal
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year. last year alone, the overpayments added up to $316,000. city officials claim that they did not know about state law that requires cities to reimburse overpayments. they say from now on, people who overpay or automatically be refunded, but only when the amount in question is $200 or more. >> the looming fiscal cliff might affect your tax returns. if congress fails to reach a deal by december 31st, as many as 1 million people could see delays in their tax refunds. that's because, the end come exemption levels under the wealth tax or alternative minimum tax whenever adjusted for inflation, since it was an act did decades ago. over the years, lawmakers have consistently pass a package to raise
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those levels. they have not done so this year. the tax filing season begins in two weeks. both sides agree, that a patch is needed, but until a deal is reached, it will not be passed. >> we will be right back.
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>> thank you for watching kron 4 urs bay area new style. sheriff's deputies in santa clara are searching for the gunmen. he fired shots at a marine recruiters car on highway 85 in cupertino. if these are additional pictures from skyes 78 d abc 7 news you busy lanes back up in cupertino near and the hands of boulevard. >> police are investigating materials that were found stored in a san mateo home. police and fire officials and detonated the materials found in the home in the 400
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block of parent dry. authorities say that the materials were not stable tomorrow without potential explosion and they in back evacuate the block of to the warning was lifted. >> clara police are searching for a third suspect in connection with the kidnapping and assault of a handyman. richard rodriguez jr.. is wanted on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment against the victim. the 50 year-old male victim managed to escape his captors at a san jose gas station, leading to the arrest of two other suspects. those were your top stories i am marked an end. and you for watching.
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>> cigarette use among u.s. teenagers is on the decline. it fell to historic lows and a four year rise in marijuana use appears to have leveled off. the annual university of michigan report, found that the number of teenagers who reported smoking cigarettes in the prior 30 days fell to 10.6% this year from 11.7% in 2011. that's below a slow records as the survey began in 1975. >> drivers get ready for a
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lot of new rules come into the roads next year in california. if these rules are legislation passed by the legislature and signed by governor jerry brown. here are just a couple examples of the new rules that are coming january 1st. a new d.u.i. lot if someone is pulled over suspected of a d.u.i. for drugs, the driver will no longer have the option of your in test. it will be a blood test only. charter party bus drivers will now be held responsible for underage drinking on their buses. california drivers are now allowed to tax while driving if they used voice operated technology and remain handsfree. a new law also allows driverless cars as long as the owner is bonded and license. this helps california get in the game
6:45 am
with the goal will drive this car. they have been tested only in nevada which already allows the vehicles to operate. >> bay area airports and rolled ways are expected to be less crowded because of the actual date of the weak christmas and new year's falls on. travel experts say that the timing of the big debt spread out the crowds. since christmas and new year's eve falls on a tuesday. travelers can travel over friday, saturday, and sunday and monday. s f o is expected have 2 million travelers to pass through its terminals between now and january the sixth period >> will be right back. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham
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is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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>> welcome back we are watching wall street. joining us now to talk about the market is rob black. big news is coming out this morning. the new york stock exchange is being sold off to a rival exchange for about $8 billion, ending
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more than two centuries of independence for the iconic big board. and break down what this means rock. >> a lot of people will lose their jobs in the fear of this. the weekly unemployment claims rose 17,000 to 361,000. this is what it comes down to periods i never thought that it was a good idea for them to be publicly traded. is it good that they are public we traded? >> know. i do not think it matters. i just feel like it is an exchange initiative be helped probably. >>hailed the privately.
6:50 am
>> do we have anything to worry about? >> . i am not saying that. so far, they stated that would not change anything. the u.s. economy is doing better. it grew at an annualized growth rate at 3.1%. >> the federal reserve probably not have to act or do any thing. all these numbers we are going over the cliffs. >> i think it will be s super bowl cliff. if people start to freak out. two weeks from now you will be
6:51 am
seeing it in your paychecks. you will pay about a thousand dollars more in unemployment benefits will be gone. >> how can we get over this? >> that probably retroactively and then they will say that the lord your taxes because it will go right back up. >> we do have a bill to% payroll deductions that are borne away. there will be a 2% increase their attitude% increase from the bush taxes. >> everybody will get a big surprise when they get the first paycheck prepared do you really feel that if we get closer and i do not have a deal will we see the dow lose? >> who cares! >> just look at this as a 10% sale. keeping in mind
6:52 am
that we already know that the clintons want to happen. evaluations on wall street --there are pretty cheap and will be higher this time next year. >> we will be back with rob at 9:15 a.m.. >> 6:51 a.m.. we would like to get a look at our weather. it is another very cold morning. >> it is just as cold as it was yesterday. we are in the upper 20s for concord. if you should bundle up. the heart of the bay area is not looking to bed. oakland is at 43 degrees. satellite and radar shows that wet weather is on the way and you can see by 8:00 p.m. tonight. this main ben will pushes
6:53 am
was through. it will last for a few days. we could see over 4 in. of rain. when rain is here in the bay area this usually means snow in the sierra. >> winds will be a factor and they will be sustained at 20 mi. per hour. if you are headed in this direction should keep your chains handy. we do have 20's and '30's right now but as we head into a o'clock hour we will see more in the way of 40's. by lunchtime all of this blue on your screen will me that there will be in the '50s. san rafael will be waking up to 55 degrees
6:54 am
and 31 degrees over in oakland. >> the 7 day around the bay says that wind will play a factor. saturday night into sunday. the good news is that the lows will not be too bad. we will be in the 40's. we do have a chance of rain headed into monday. at christmas day should be dry. >> there was an accident in the macarthur mayes of overturned vehicles. it is in the connecting ramp to a 580 heading toward the mimicked freeway. it is only affecting the traffic making that offer rep. this is slowing things a bit in the westbound direction from lakeshore. we still have problems at plymouth and
6:55 am
broke. the muni metro has been interrupted. the tracks are blocked by fire crews. they are attended to a structure fire where 25 people had to be evacuated. they do have bus shuttles available. we will have more when kron 4 news continues.
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>> welcome back is 6:57 a.m.. now that the sun is up we do have some pretty strong whins as you can see the flag is blowing. we will be right back. >>
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